What the fcuk have I done lately?

If you must know, the above title is a famous line from the movie, “Wanted”. I may have mentioned this in one of my posts. I just remembered James McAvoy out of the blue. This is not me attempting to be cool or anything…

So what’s up with me lately? Read below…

1. song most played? – It’s a toss up between Enrique Iglesias’ Finally Found You and Ne-Yo’s Let Me Love You. And maybe Justin Bieber’s Beauty and a Beat– my hand has a mind of it’s own. I do not listen to JB songs… o.O

2. game most played? – Slots. This is prolly because I miss the casino. I haven’t been in one in years. Now that I think about it, I should visit Marina Bay Sands one of these days…

3. last movie watched? – Breaking Dawn Part 2. Oh gawd. Yes, I have succumbed to watching it after 3 (or 4?) years. I watched the first one but I was so disappointed that Edward in the movie is different from the Edward that I have visualized from the book. Although this movie may have resurrected my respect for the story, thanks to the incredible twist at the end. But still, couldn’t they have cast a different actress other than Kirsten Stewart? Why does it have to be her? Her face only displays one emotion– and that is emotionless. Hahaha! Okay, I’m no longer making any sense.

4. dvd stuck in the dvd player? – None! No need to bring my DVD player in Singapore. All I need is my laptop plus our supa fast internet connection and bam! Hello streaming! Or Torrent-ing (if there is such a term…)

5. last time being so drunk? – November 17, 2012. We were celebrating my friend’s birthday (Mirasol). I cooked spaghetti and buffalo wings (my version) then had a couple of drinks after. Or more like I emptied our alcohol supply (Sorry, Ky! I will buy a vodka or Mr Cuerva soon!) And I may have caused drama. Note to self: No drunk texting, stick to playing card games or karaoke!

6. last most vivid dream? – I had a good one last night. Mona Lisa said I was giggling/laughing in my sleep but I couldn’t remember any of it.

That’s all folks. Until next time! Oh, by the way, I’m in a different country now…Not that that’s interesting.



What did I want for my birthday?

As you all know, I just had my birthday earlier this week. My friend, MaTina asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I jokingly replied, “World Peace and True Love”. She gave me a straightforward answer.

Segue: I’m gonna keep her “World Peace” answer confidential seeing as she is trying to make amends or better yet, play nice (good for you!).

She told me in dialect that I already have true love. I got my mom, dad and Jesus. Which is true. I guess we’ll never know the blessings that we have until someone blatantly points it out to you. Thank you for the realization, MaTina. You have given me a present after all!


can my previous posts be more pathetic? or better yet, was my past self be more pathetic?!

sure, i was passionate. but dude, seriously?

yet the last blog entry, i’m feeling that OVER the friggin again! this is sooo crappy!

why do you have to be mean? i should find that offensive but i find it cute. what’s wrong with me?!

i must’ve forgotten my medz…


i seem inclined to liking you. in fact, i maybe in like with you as much as i don’t want to. i hate that you boss me around. i hate that you can just ignore me like i’m not such a big deal. i hate that you make me feel like i’m the most important thing in the world.

well, i’ll be damned. i like you. i’m absolutely and irrevocably in like with you. f*ck it!

facts are factual in fact…

Random facts about myself that I figured out just recently…

– I have an unhealthy obsession with post-its. Especially pink or yellow post-its. But I don’t do anything with them. I just stare at them or smell them sometimes…creepy, I know.

– I love shopping alone. Whether getting lost in a crowd or figuring out which mickey stuff toy I have to buy, I love it! Which reminds me, I still need to shop for red shorts…hhmmm…

– I smile at particularly no one or nothing at times. Oh, wait. That’s not something new, is it?

– I discovered that I have been having conversations with myself in my head ever since I knew how to think. And I never once find it creepy until now when I know what “dementia” means.

Street Racing…

I feel like the richest person in the world. I have about 12 Million dollars in my bank. Yup! That’s the number 12 plus six zero’s after that…

Wow. If that’s the case, I’d never have to work a day in my life anymore and avoid having someone screaming obscenities in my ear. Whooopeedooo! But sadly, this huge amount of money only exist in the realm of Facebook. In that realm, I’m part of a mafia too. So cool! Imagine having to shoot someone with no particular reason…ooohhh!!! Me so likey!

Soooo…I was browsing through my WordPress account and I stumbled across some drafts I made in the past months I’ve gone sabbatical. I think I’m gonna have to post ’em to make up for lost time.

So what’s up with me lately? Read below…

1. song most played? – it’s a toss up between Craig David’s Insomnia and Lady Gaga’s Just Dance

2. game most played? – most definitely Street Racing. I just bought an Aston Martin Vanquish. How cool is that?! Insert girly sqeaul here…

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish

3. last movie watched? – Push. I slept halfway through the movie. What?! I didn’t any sleep the night before coz I was at work and it was not that good anyways so…

4. dvd stuck in the dvd player? – Veronica Mars Season 3. Logan Echolls is so fine!!! 

5. last time being so drunk? – Urm…last Saturday night, I guess. I didn’t get to eat much so there…pathetic really. And my brother slash chauffeur made me buy pizza when I can’t even walk straight!

6. last most vivid dream? – Damn. If you are looking at me right now, I would’ve looked like a deer caught in the headlights. So there was this one late night. Before I clock in and work, I try to catch as much ZZZs as possible. Even a mere 30-minute nap can get me through an almost 10-hour shift. Before my clock chimed twelve and my wretched alarm set of, I was dreaming of…man, this is embarrassing. So I dreamt of having a baby girl. Not really a baby but more like a 2 or 3 year old. She was a little rascal that one. Her with the sweet smile and black, wavy hair…I never want to be married, much less have a family of my own but at that precise moment…I don’t want to even think about it! This is the end of the world, me thinks. Take me to a mental facility. Pronto! I think I just lost my mind!

ThE LiP just left the world of the sane and the inebriated…

for what it’s worth, it’s not worth it

I came up with a perfect YM status slash Friendster shoutout that would trump all statuses slash shoutouts out there except that the “it” is really worth it. No matter how I think otherwise. It gets really old talking about my wounded feelings, the ever broken heart of mine and the seemingly endless cycle of love and be left in the cold again. So I’m going to talk about something else.

If I wasn’t previously in love with Ed Westwick (a.k.a. Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl), I am now. Did anybody know that he’s British? Bloody hell! And nobody cared to tell me? Lurve the accent. Why do we always fall for the English charm?

Have you ever wanted something so bad and when finally you got it, it came and bit you in the ass? Well, I did. Earlier today, right after my grueling 9 hour and 30 minute shift, I proceeded to take an assessment exam that took me another 2 freakin’ hours. That was a pretty huge setback. I could’ve gone to the doctor, gotten a medical certificate then drop it off in the office then go home in a span of two hours but no. I had to endure the looooooooong (emphasis on the “o”, as you can see) exam and come out looking like a hag. Insert shudder here. So where does the biting begin?

Let’s backtrack a bit more…At around 4:30 AM, I went out for a you-know-what. It was drizzling a bit. The air was steady but the surrounding was cool enough I was having visions of me on my bed…sleeping! Burrowed in the covers, lusting over who my hormones were after at that time. In the midst of all those salivating, I half-heartedly commented on why the rain pours more during the night while the sun imposes its rage during the day. Apparently, the sun and its perversely stone-cold heart doesn’t care how I toss and turn for hours trying to get a good day sleep. So when I finally got out of the office, it was raining but not too hard that I would need to take a cab. I had to walk across the street to take a jeepney and go to my mum.

Let’s see…so a wet backside, water on my sandals and raindrops on my ironed hair. God gave me what I wanted right? To have rain in the day instead? So why the hell am I muttering curses under my breath?